About Cellulose Insulation

Safe and effective

  Cellulose loose-fill insulation is a nontoxic natural product made from 85% recycled paper fiber. It is an easy-to-use blow-in insulation for use over existing cellulose, fiberglass, or mineral wool insulation and for uninsulated attic spaces.  It creates a seamless thermal blanket by filling gaps and voids, which reduces air infiltration.  You can achieve any R-value from R13 to R60.  Cellulose insulation is 2 to 3 times more dense than fiberglass batt insulation, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Additionally, this density also provides effective noise reduction within your home.  We use a low dust formula with no-itch.   

Everything needed for your installation will be brought to your home and installed. We install baffles, if needed, to allow for proper attic ventilation through soffit vents. Recessed can light protectors are installed (if applicable) to prevent overheating. Attic insulation rulers are mounted prior to blowing in the insulation so that the correct R-Value is installed uniformly throughout the attic area. Once the installation is complete, we will clean up the jobsite and haul away all job-related debris, leaving you with a more comfortable and energy efficient home.    

There are three easy steps to start saving on your energy bills:  Step 1. Measure the width and length of your house. Multiply the width by the length and you’ll get the approximate square footage of your attic. We can do this measurement for you if you like. Step 2: Determine if attic access is thru a ceiling hatch, or a pull-down stairway. Is the access located in a garage or hallway or in a bedroom closet? Step 3: Determine the roof pitch. Steeper pitch allows easier access to the edges and better mobility throughout the attic space. We can measure roof pitch for you if you like   

Pricing is based on the thickness of insulation desired and the sqft area of the attic.

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